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Smart Home Solutions

Home automation and smart home systems of excellence

Welcome to Smart Home Solutions, one of Australia’s longest established and most experienced Home Automation and Smart Home specialists.

A Smart Home should enhance your lifestyle, not complicate it. If you’re a home owner, architect, developer or designer planning a new home or renovation, partnering with Smart Home Solutions is a smart move.

Partnering with Smart Home Solutions

Creating a smart home involves the bringing together of many different disciplines including entertainment, lighting, security and networking to name just a few. That’s what Smart Home Solutions does best, and our industry-leading design and documentation process simplifies it all, saving you time and money.

If you’re an architect, designer, developer or builder, find out more about how partnering with Smart Home Solutions can make your life easier.

Smart Home Solutions – Your Technology Partner

Find out more about our smart solutions for:

Home Automation Lighting Control
Multi-Room Audio & Video Home Networking
Home Theatre Energy & Water Management
Control Systems Home Communications & Intercom
Home Security & Access Control Structured Cabling